Quality plays a key role within our company.
Because of this we had summerized already in 1992 our existing quality management in a QM manual. The QM-system has been developed further through the past years and adapted continously to the corresponding norms. KABO-PLASTIC was certified under ISO 9001 in 1996 and under VDA 6.1 in 1998. In 2008 the certification under the international norm ISO/TS 16949 was achieved. Since 2017 we are certified according to the new standard of the IATF 16949.


KABO-PLASTIC GmbH is a manufacturer of high precision, injection moulded technical plastic parts. As since decades locally rooted family business, we feel committed towards society and environment. We introduced an environmental management system which we maintain and continue in business.

In our environmental management we include all interested parties, community, competent authorities, legislators, neighbors and our contractors as customers, suppliers, service providers, insurance companies, including the outsourced processes.

We make sure that the external and internal environmental policies and procedures are adequately considered in our actions.

We train our employees on environmental issues and notify our service providers and external companies to the environmental requirements. All employees of KABO-PLASTIC GmbH and companies, who work on our behalf, are bound to observe our environmental standards as part of their functions.

In all our business operations and activities we want to minimize the impact on the environment and therefore keep the environmental impact as low as possible. Therefore we are notably focusing on a sparing use of resources, minimizing scrap and waste, increasing energy efficiency and reducing emissions.

The environmental aspects of our business and production processes and our products as well as the connected environmental impacts considering the life cycle are regularly checked, judged and if possible optimized.

Within our environmental management system we set on the base of environmental policy, the environmental aspects and considering the binding commitments as well as the opportunities and risks the strategic environmental objectives. For the relevant processes and corporate levels, we derive operational environmental objectives and targets, determine measures to implement them and check them out on their effectiveness.

KABO-PLASTIC GmbH commits to comply with legal and other applicable binding commitments.

KABO-PLASTIC GmbH commits to a continuous improvement of our environmental management system and the environmental performance.

The environmental performance of KABO-PLASTIC GmbH is evaluated according to adequate indicators. The environmental management system is regularly analyzed as part of internal audits on its maintenance and effectiveness. As part of the annual management review, management assesses the suitability and appropriateness of the environmental management system and environmental performance and makes decisions on the results.

This environmental policy is valid for all managers and employees of KABO-PLASTIC GmbH.


IATF 16949


ISO 9001


ISO 14001